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Fly Fishing Themed pens

Three Fly Fishing themed pens.  FINALLY someone makes the findings for these.  Been waiting a long time.   Antique Pewter, Antique Copper and Antique Brass.  Can’t wait to show these at the upcomng Independants Day show in Columbus #ID16      

Twohearts bandsaw box

I made both these beautiful bandsaw boxes from sappy Walnut with Ambrosia Maple handles.  The drawers are fulll flocked. I like to make boxes with less than high grade lumber because you get an infinite number of dramatic variations in the wood.  Even though they are the same  patterns, look how different they appear.

Simple Lift Lid Boxes

These are simple lift lid boxes I have been making.  They feature splined mitered corners and fitted lids. These are a lot of fun to make because you and mix different woods and create a wide variety of looks by just altering the bevel of the lid. I make these in 3 x 3, 3 […]

30 Caliber Bullet Pens

This is a twist style ballpoint pen handcrafted from a 30-06 bullet casing and a .308 full metal jacket bullet.  The back is a turned and highly polished Camo acrylic.  It features a copper cap and a 24ct gold rifle clip.    This is my first pen of this type and during the prototyping I already […]

Unique pen material

This is an art deco Gatsby pen that was turned with a new and interesting material.  Banksia Pod.  The Banksia is a tree in the Austrailian bush that vital part of the foodchain and ecosystem.  The pod is the seed pod that remains after the flowers have bloomed. As you can see this is a […]