Story of Estey’s Woodworks

It all started a few years ago when my friend Jamie and I were discussing table saws. I had a saw at home but came to realize that I really needed to learn some of the techniques and how to fully utilize its capabilities.

Through an internet search of local woodworking classes, I found this wonderful organization called The Columbus Idea Foundry (CIF). CIF is the largest maker space in the world. Located here in Columbus Ohio.

I have always had an interest in woodworking but, over the years, due to space constraints, family and career commitments, I really never had the time or the resources to effectively pursue it. CIF was the game changer. I found the space and the resources. More importantly, I found a truly impressive group of artists and craftsmen who offered encouragement and knowledge so that I could further my interest.

That brings us to today, where through the encouragement of family and friends, I am offering some of my unique handmade items. All are my original works and are crafted with pride as if they were for my own home.

CIF Workshop


Workshop at the Columbus Idea Foundry. Most all of the larger woodworking tools are here. Jointer, planer, bandsaw, drum sander, router table. All necessary to create the boxes and turning rough lumber into workable pieces.

My Garage Workshop


This is where most of the finishing and woodturning takes place. Lathe, compressor, grinder and tablesaw. Pens, bottle stoppers and final sanding and finishing of other projects are done here.