Future Walnut Bowls

Walnut logs that will be cut and blanks that are already cut for turning bowls on my lathe.  This is all wet green wood.  Once the bowls are rough turned, they will be set aside for approximately 6 – 9 months to dry.   When dry, I will finish turning them.  


Roasting Wood Technique

Roasting Wood Technique

New technique I am trying. Roasting wood. Purpose is to heat the wood so that the sugars in the grain caramelize which will make them much more prominent. These are Maple and Cherry pen blanks.  

Handcrafted Bud Vase

Finished this last night.. Made from Ambrosia Maple. “Ambrosia” is the result of an infestation of the Ambrosia Beetle. The beetle changes the coloration of the grain. Most times the changes are not this dramatic so this is pretty unique.

Bud Vase 1